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How to use and get the best out of iwitness24

Our guide will help you get around the iwitness24 website and use our smartphone applications

  • 1 Send us your photos and videos

    It’s easy to share your content with us and the iwitness24 community. Once you have taken your photo or video, you need to sign up with iwitness24 and send it to us either via our website or our iPhone or Android smartphone app.

  • 2 Download our app

    If you own an iPhone or Android device download our app. It looks great and you can share your photos and videos directly from your smartphone.

  • 3 Validation

    The Archant editorial team will look at your content and, in the vast majority of cases, will give it the thumbs up so it will appear on this website. If we really like what you’ve shared then we’ll use it in our newspapers and on their sites.

  • 4 Let’s talk

    All the way through the process, we’ll let you know what is happening with your content. We’ll tell you when we’ve got it, if we like it and where you can find it on iwitness24

  • 5 Sharing’s good

    When your work is on iwitness24 you’ll be able to share it with your friends. Add it to your Facebook wall or tweet to your followers. Show off what you’ve done!

  • 6 Power up

    You will earn points the more you use iwitness24 so take more photos, share more videos and comment on the work of other members of the community. More details.

  • 7 Tell us what you think

    We want to make iwitness24 as good as we possibly can so please talk to us and share your thoughts. Contact us.

  • 8 Chance to make some money

    This site is not about making money but if you have a world exclusive then our partners can sell it to hundreds of organisations across the globe which means your image could make you money. More details.

How to use and get the best out of iwitness24
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