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Citizenside Reporter Ranks

Participate in the iwitness24 community? We’ve got some points for you.
Accumulating points already? We’ve got new ranks for you.
The idea? Have some fun! And so you can easily tell how active other members are.
When you attain a high rank, we’ll give you extra privileges, like certified status that lets you publish immediately to the site.
Your grade
How to get points and become a Super Reporter?
  • Sign up on iwitness24: earn 100 points
  • Choose an avatar: earn 100 points.
  • Comment on a series of images or videos submitted by another member: earn 50 points.
  • Receive a comment from another member on your series of images or videos: earn 50 points.
  • Get your series of images validated: earn 200 points.
  • Get your video submission validated: earn 500 points.
  • Have someone view your image or video: earn 1 point.
  • Get a "vote" on your images or videos: earn 20 points.
  • Participate in one of our polls: earn 40 points.
  • Every friend you invite gains you 500 points.

If we validate your images but do not publish them to the site, you will not earn points, but it is possible that you have submitted a scoop and may eventually get it sold.

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